International activities

The Youth Council cooperates with different youth associations and organisations both nationally and internationally. According to the Sámi Parliament’s procedures, the tasks of the Youth Council include promoting national and international cooperation of Sámi youth as well as cooperation with international organisations and bodies which manage youth affairs.

Youth council under the Sámi Parliamentary Council


The Sámi Parliamentary Council (SPC) is the parliamentary cooperation body between the Sámi parliaments of Finland, Norway and Sweden. The Sámi organisations of Russia participate in this cooperation as observers. The SPC strengthens and increases opportunities for impact and the participation of Sámi youths as well as their sense of belonging in the Sámi community.

The youth council which acts under the SPC has members from Norway’s Sámi Parliament’s youth committee and the youth councils of both Sweden and Finland’s Sámi Parliaments. The youth council promotes the participation and impact of Sámi youths as well as increases international cooperation. The chair of the youth council rotates between Finland, Norway and Sweden, depending on which country is the chair of the SPC. The chair of the youth council is invited to SPC board meetings and full meetings as an expert on youth affairs.

The youth council under the SPC organises the Nordic Sámi Youth Conference every two years. The Youth Council of Finland’s Sámi Parliament was responsible for organising the latest conference in August 2021. The conference brings together Sámi youth from Finland, Norway, Sweden and Russia and the conference can present declarations in its name.

International cooperation of Indigenous peoples


Sámi youths actively participate in cooperation between indigenous peoples internationally.

The members of the Youth Council take part in important events that relate to indigenous peoples, such as the UN’s Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York and the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples. The Youth Council also participates in activities organised by the Arctic Council Permanent Participants Youth (Arctic Youth Leaders, AYL). Through its activities, the Youth Council gets to know the status of indigenous peoples around the world and builds relationships with other indigenous youths. By taking part in these events, youths gain opportunities for cultural and experience exchange with different indigenous peoples.

Taking part in the UN’s Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues is a part of the Youth Council’s permanent activities.