The main objective of the Youth Council is to promote the cultural and language rights of Sámi youth around Finland and to strengthen Sámi youths’ sense of belonging to the Sámi culture. The Youth Council also prepares statements, initiatives and other declarations for the Sámi parliament which relate to Sámi youth or their living conditions.

The Youth Council acts under the Sámi Parliament.

The Sámi Parliament website offers more information about the operations of the Sámi Parliament, Sámi languages and culture and the situation of Sámi in Finland.

International activities

The Youth Council cooperates with different youth associations and organisations both nationally and internationally. According to the Sámi Parliament’s procedures, the tasks of the Youth Council include promoting national and international cooperation of Sámi youth as well as cooperation with international organisations and bodies which manage youth affairs.

Nordic Sámi Youth Conference 2021

The theme of the conference is climate change. The indigenous peoples of the Arctic are most affected by climate change. Sámi youth are especially worried about the impact of climate change on the traditional livelihoods and culture of the Sámi people. As a part of the conference, the Sámi youth will outline a common declaration against climate change and plan operation models for this.


Here you can find the latest news and information about the youth council’s activities. Here we will add the texts that we have translated to English.