Sámi Youth Conference




Youth4Nature: Mobilising Youth to Lead for Nature and Climate, Storytelling

The climate crisis can lead to dangerous generalized anxiety and inaction. This workshop will counteract catastrophic narratives of climate change through a tool for social change: storytelling. Storytelling describes the social and cultural practices of telling stories and narratives, and during this workshop focused on youth, you will learn how to channel your energy into storytelling solutions and narratives. We will share storytelling tips as well as we will have some story crafting exercises together.

Language: English



Emmi Nuorgam: Social media and influencing

Professional communicator, writer, media producer and social media influencer Emmi Nuorgam’s workshop will address developing Sámi society through influencing. What is social action? Or modern activism? In the workshop, we will think about different ways for making a change and will find the best ways for ourselves for taking action. The workshop includes an exercise.

Language: Finnish


Pauliina Feodoroff: Climate activism Sápmi

Skolt Sámi theatre director and artivist/activist Pauliina Feodoroff’s workshop will map Sámi youth’s observations from their living environments. What are we losing due to climate change? What can locals do? With what types of mechanisms can we share information? How can we create a uniform message and policy? What is the message?

Language: English




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